The private coronavirus tests and tests that are carried out by individuals are intended to provide more health information to people who want to know if they have had contact with the coronavirus and / or have developed the COVID-19 disease.

Confinement and social distancing are the most effective measures to contain contagion. But the inevitable social contact that people have when traveling to carry out the essential procedures or previous, work or family contacts, makes it advisable to carry out these private coronavirus tests to know the possible contagion or development of COVID-19.

Delivery of results online

Results will be accessible to interested parties within 24–36 hours based on email testing.

Medical advice

Medical advice for the choice of diagnostic tests by telephone or video consultation

Medical monitoring

Medical follow-up of the results and patients by telephone or video consultation.

PCR tests that meet requirements for travelers

We comply with the protocol and speed that a traveler needs to complete their journey within the deadlines required by the airline and country of destination (36, 48 and 72h), for the PCR or antigen test.

We deliver the result to you in English and Spanish (a fundamental requirement if your destination is Germany, Italy or Austria), your report also indicates the time and day the sample is analyzed and the end time.

In addition, the laboratory has an ISO certificate.

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